Custom Puzzles


Design your own custom puzzle!

1. Find a personal picture using the following tips...

- Image quality is most important. Original photos with a file size larger than 1.5MB is good for all puzzle sizes.

- Photo will need to be in digital format (on either your phone or computer). Any type of image file will work (jpeg, png, etc.).

- A variety of colours and detail is best. Any large blank areas will be difficult to piece together.

2. Select your puzzle size below and consider the dimensions for each size. (SCROLL DOWN TO CHOOSE).

500 pc (20" x 16")
250 pc (16" x 10")
50 pc (11" x 8.5")
9 pc (6" x 4.5")

Consider the dimensions of your photo as we will need will need to crop your image to the dimensions listed above.

    3. Click "Choose Image" followed by "Choose a local file" and select your image. You will then click "Add to Cart" and proceed to payment when you have completed your shopping.

    If you are unsure of your photo quality, send us an email at with your questions or concerns. Include in your email a copy of your photo inserted as "actual" or "large" size.